Use your HP printer to print documents in Windows OS hassle-freely. HP printers give high-quality printing documents with high speed and have become an integral requirement of our personal as well as professional life. You will find a complete guide here: 123.hp.com/setup, configuration, install, and know how to use HP Printers with Windows.

How to Download and Install HP Printer?

HP printer is a software that can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup website. It guides you to set up your hp printer.

Install the hp printer setup in your device by following the given steps:

1. Connect the printer to your PC and ensure stable online connectivity and an uninterrupted flow of electricity.
2. Uninstall any previous HP printer software or driver.
3. Go to the HP page: 123.hp.com/setup and from the main section, go to the software and driver download.
4. Choose your printer model and click on “submit”
5. Wait for a few minutes to complete the download process.
6. After downloading the file install it by double-tapping the file.
7. Agree with the terms and conditions after carefully reading them.
8. Follow the on-screen instruction manual to complete the installation.
9. Once the installation is completed, your hp printer is ready to use. 

123.hp.com/setup Printer Wireless Connection

1. On your printer touch the wireless button
2. The blue light will show that it is ON. Now press Settings on-screen of the printer.
3. Next, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and select Yes.
4. You need to follow the instructions on the screen.
5. The printer will detect the available networks of the router.
6. Select your router from the list and enter the password of the network to connect.
7. Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm the wireless network connection.

Types of HP Printer Connection

HP Printer Setup has three alternatives to connect with your device. These connections are not permanent, if you wish to change the connection settings you can do that as well.

Details of all the three are given below:

USB Printing Setup:

Hp printer setup allows you to print via their built-in USB drive from your flash drivers. It also has an email scan facility which lets you print documents directly from the touch screen of your printer. 

Ethernet Connection:

The ethernet connection option allows you to create a wired connection using the Ethernet cable. You need to connect the Ethernet ports securely with the printer and computer. 

Wireless Network Setup:

The wireless connection technology supported by the HP printer allows you to easily connect the printer to the wireless network. Through this, you can send print directly to the printer from your computer.